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A pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive and very thorough inspection of the vessel and its on-board systems using non-destructive and non-invasive testing and discovery methods. The vessel will be examined for compliance with mandatory United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 33 and Title 46 regulations, USCG regulations, recommendations of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Upon completion of the inspection the survey report will be generated including all noted deficiencies, recommendations and fair market value of the vessel.  


In order to obtain a fully comprehensive survey it is recommended that the vessel be short hauled allowing for inspection of the wetted surfaces, through hulls, and underwater machinery. The bottom of the vessel will be visually inspected and sounded with phenolic sounding techniques to discover any possible structural deficiencies, prior damage, or osmotic blistering.  With the vessel out of the water I am also able to inspect the running gear for possible wear or damage.

Insurance Limited Condition & Valuation Survey

An insurance C&V survey may be done with the vessel either afloat or ashore, depending on the insurance carrier’s requirements, and doesn’t necessarily require a sea trial or operational testing of all equipment and systems. An insurance survey should not be confused with a pre purchase survey. Also known as an insurance appraisal report, it is conducted to assist underwriters in determining a vessel’s condition and insurability for initial policy issuance or renewal. The primary focus of an insurance survey is structural integrity, safety and inspection of system installations as per NFPA and ABYC guidelines. The appraisal inspection determines the fair market value of
a vessel for the underwriter’s formal
coverage determination.


Now introducing the Currents Concierge Service to our valued customers.

With a community of discerning boat owners in the Great Northwest we have decided to offer an extension to our Yacht Survey operations. This new service will include on-location storm inspections, intermittent check-ups as well as seasonal opening and buttoning-up activities for your vessel. When you are not available to be present yet want your boat ready to set sail or occasionally visited, we make it happen, seamlessly. 

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