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Now introducing the Currents Concierge Service for our valued customers.  With a community of discerning boat owners in the Great Northwest we now offer an extension to our Yacht Survey operations. This new service will include on-location, intermittent inspections as well as seasonal opening and buttoning-up activities for your vessel. When you are not available to be present yet want your boat ready to set sail or occasionally visited, we make it happen, seamlessly. See below what this service includes:

* Monthly dockside and interior inspection - We will inspect and make sure the moorage is secure and that there is no damage being caused by irregular vessel movement sometimes caused by heavy weather, loose lines and/or other vessel movement.

* Interior inspection - looking for water intrusion, bilge condition and sitting water. Check bilge pumps.

* Deck drain inspection and clearing. 

* Canvas and enclosure inspection.

* Shore power inspection.

* Check in with marina office to make sure they know there was a visit to your vessel and for any additional reports of irregular marina activity.


Upon the completion we will provide a written report or simply give you a call if that is preferred. Any unusual events that we witness will be reported immediately.

Call or email for price to perform this service. Every situation and location is different so we must consider this when providing a reasonable cost for these inspections.

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